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11346# Bill Downs shares in Rock Falls, IL his passion about helping people, Aug 2, 2014

11347# Lonie Coulter shares how Victory Nutrition got started – Rock Falls, IL August 2, 2014

11348# VNI Executive Call with Bill Downs and Dr Steve Kushner

11349# Why is Prodovite & Brain Reward are different from other products – Bill Downs

11350# IRB Study Info with Bill Downs and Dr Steve Kushner

11351# IRB Study Part 2 with Bill Downs and Dr Steve Kushner

11352# Product Call Bill Downs & Dr Steve Kushner

11353# Ann Miller – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

11354# Abner Fisher – Smoking for 15 years

11355# Ean St Claire – Amazing changes in his body

11356# Ed Schaefer – Toxic Metal Poisoning & Pain, Depression

11357# Linda King – Smoking, morning sickness, friend has leg pain

11358# Mike Fischer – Depression, alcohol and prescription drugs

11359# Mike Graney – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

11360# Pauline Smith – 85 years old with very slow pulse rate

11361# Stacy Weisenburger – Type 2 diabetes diagnosis in 2010

11362# Mark Dienner – Neuropathy in feet for 10 years

11363# Stanley Shrock – extreme diverticulitis

11364# Terilyn & James Burkhardt – Diabetes, heart problems

11365# Alicia Glaser – Triathlete at age 50

11366# Jennifer Meador – Wisdom tooth pain

11367# Pep Poeppelmeyer – Lack of energy and insomnia

11368# Mary Stoltzfus – amazing benefits for entire family

11369# Pat McCorkle – OCD, addictive personality, headaches

11370# Robert Sly – More energy and sharpened focus

11371# Dana & James Ashton – Weight loss, glaucoma, pet health

11372# Linda King – 2 month old grandson fussy, 4 year old sick

11373# Cyd Avery – MS, lack of balance, pain

11374# Clay Davis – Ringing in ears, neuropathy

11375# Jennifer Meador – Life without Prodovite!

11376# Ean St. Claire – Lung issues, quadriplegic, rash on arm

11377# Stanley Shrock – Road Trip with some great testimonials!

11378# Katie Jackson – Husband has Parkinson’s

11379# Dorothy Hannah – Signs up 8 people using live blood analysis

11380# Mike Graney – MERSA!

11381# Ann Miller – Live Blood Cell Analysis

11382# Harvey Miller – Digestive issues, problems sleeping

11383# Angela Bonner RN – IBS, Heart Problems, High blood pressure

11384# Lloyd Weber – Chemical sensitivity and poisoning

11385# Ester Miller – Back Pain for 27 years

11386# Axel Winkelmann – Shares testimony of patient with Lyme’s disease

11387# Geno Turney – shares testimony of sister in critical condition

11388# Haidee Hammond shares testimony of her 8 yr. old son who is a special needs child

11389# Haidee Hammond shares more amazing results for Aaron, her eight-year-old son

11390# Steve Kushner and Bill Downs – Using Prodovite to increase your endurance and performance

11391# Joyce Wheeler – Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure and many surgeries

11392# Joyce Wheeler – Shares testimonial of her special needs grandson who is 23 months old

11393# Haidee Hammond – update on son Aaron’s progress since starting Prodovite & Brain Reward

11394# Clay Davis – testimonials of 2 friends he started on a teaspoon of Prodovite with sensitivities

11395# Tim Alex – double knee replacement with remarkable recovery, amazes the doctor and therapists

11396# Lloyd Weber – wife’s foot stepped on by 1800-pound cow!

11397# Katie King – 18 year old son with ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorder

11398# Lydia Stoltzfus – daughter cuts off tip of her finger in a meat grinder

11399# Haidee Hammond – sleep apnea, headaches for many years

11400# Josh Garretson – suffered from 2-3 migraine headaches on average each week

11401# Phil Becker – had graft surgery on his elbow

11402# Louise Keen – extreme pain from herniated disks and bowel impactions

11403# Harvey Miller – Baby Calf and Mama were too sick to eat

11404# Brent Auker – Bipolar, motor skills and cognition more level, sharpening of eyesight and hearing

11405# Haidee Hammond – More wonderful updates on son Aaron May 26, 2014

11406# Rochelle Nardelli – Benefits of Brain Reward – can’t imagine her life without it!

11407# Denise Abda – Denise is a microscopist and she shares her thoughts on Prodovite!

11408# Joyce Wheeler – Update on her 2 year old grandson after 6 weeks on Prodovite and Brain Reward

11409# Kendall Shrock – shares how excited he is building his business with his Dad Stanley Shrock

11410# BJ Hall – Type 2 Diabetic shares his testimonial with Doctor after taking 4 bottles of Prodovite

11411# Phil Becker – deterioration of right heart and lungs, hole in the heart, misdiagnosed at 3 years old

11412# Amos Newswanger – for years Amos couldn’t sleep. Then he was introduced to Brain Reward!

11413# Ellen Polk – 56 yr. old friend with hip problems now playing basketball and riding a bike after

11414# Crist Belier – problems with sleep, concentration and focus

11415# Ann Miller – 31 yr. old friend shares her hormones are straightened out after being on Prodovite

11416# Joyce Wheeler – update on 24 month old grandson with special needs with genetic disorders

11417# Shelley Moore -has chronic lymphocytic leukemia and fibromyalgia, amazing benefits

11418# Kendall Shrock – Kendall from Illinois -shares Prodovite with Vet with 25% kidney function

11419# Haidee Hammond – husband Kelly has reverse colostomy and emergency surgery in hospital

11420# Mary Cochran – 67 yrs. old retired RN suffered many years with attention deficit and focus

11421# Geno Turney – severely burned his right arm from car radiator explosion

11422# Katie King – broken bone in her foot and in a lot of pain

11423# Donna Morrow – Type 1 Diabetes for 54 years, heart disease, anemic

11424# Martin Deinner – His Poodle diagnosed with hepatitis and sclerosis – on Prodovite!

11425# Tracey Roberts – Fibromyalgia, has been suffering for over 20 years

11426# Nancy Schleppi – wheelchair bound, foot not able to heal in over 2 years, Mersa, C-Diff

11427# Jason Hubler – Weight Lifter/Power Lifter, replaced 20 supplements, increases personal best 30%

11428# Richard Starkey – Chronic sinus infection for 20 years, Type 2 Diabetic, Low Energy

11429# Donna Morrow – Trying to get foot to heal for over 2 years, Type 1 Diabetic

11430# Ann Miller – son stepped on by miniature pony, children have hand, foot & Mouth Disease

11431# Ann Miller – update on how she is doing and benefits her young children are having too

11432# Joyce Wheeler – amazing recovery from surgery and also her 2 year old grandson

11433# Haidee Hammond – Haidee shares her heart on what has happened to her and her family

11434# Edwin Blosser – assuming he was bit by a recluse spider, he has an amazing story to share

11435# Donna Morrow – shares how she has healed from a wound on her foot that took over 2 years

11436# Lizzie Ebersol – chemical sensitivity for years to the smell of tobacco smoke

11437# Ted Aloisio – after 40,000 sessions in 14 years, Ted is blown away with results of Prodovite!

11438# Tracy Roberts – Tracy works in a Fibromyalgia clinic loves the results she sees with the products

11439# Donna Morrow – Update: Type 1 Diabetic for 54 years has cut back 25% on her insulin!

11440# Vic Szczerbinin – Extreme athlete and bodybuilder is having incredible results in the gym!

11441# Dr Mark Gustafson – Dr Mark of Lincoln, NE shares the benefits he has seen with Prodovite!

11442# Ann Caldwell – Had a kidney transplant 9 years ago and shares her test results from doctor.

11443# Aaron Hammond – Haidee, his Mom shares benefits Aaron has seen and Aaron speaks too!

11444# Mark Ellins – wife dealing with stage 4 cancer and benefits seen with Prodovite.

11445# Haidee Hammond shares recent updates on her 8 year old son Aaron – recorded Jan 23, 2015

11446# Karen Rosborough has 2 amazing testimonials on how nutrition saved her life – Jan 23, 2015

11447# Judy King – Pneumonia, COPD, no sense of smell or taste for over 2 years – amazing benefits!

11448# Fran Pisko – is a licensed massage therapist and has suffered from eczema all over her body

11449# Dave King – lower backache – son had anger issues and on 4 medications a day

11450# Lydia Nolt – Son had anger issues do to an automobile accident from several years back.

11451# Jeff Moats – shares dramatic testimony of traumatic brain injury with 1% chance of survival!

11452# Todd Bowman – shares his amazing testimonial of psoriasis and Prodovite benefits

11453# Mike & Tammy Sims – 17 yr. old daughter has depression and anxiety – Tammy has lung issues

11454# Bridget Sweeney – 64 yr old suffered with allergies all her life, depression and medication issues

11455# Ray Miller – son has lymphoma and CLL (Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia)

11456# Gene Killingsworth – 75 years old – wins Gold & Bronze Medal in Senior Olympics July 2015

11457# Beth Sturdivant – Author of Backyard Secret Exposed shares her amazing story about EMF!

11458# Rev Renee Leboa – severe migraines, problems sleeping and mental clarity

11459# Dr Norm Raymond – retired OB/GYN doctor shares his experience as a diabetic and more!

11460# Sandi Layton – rheumatoid arthritis and dealt with depression most of her life.

11461# Dr Jeanine Livermore – works with patients struggling with drug and alcohol dependence.

11462# Renee Wilson – shares what happened after her facial surgery and what the doctor suggested.

11463# Donna Eagan – shares her compelling journey with breast cancer.

11464# Gina Lantz – children had high fevers and Gina shares what she did to help them reduce their fever.

11465# Betsy Black – shares her benefits from N-Sorb such as a feeling of clean inside and better sleep.

11466# Ed Schaefer – suffering with acid reflux for years…Ed shares what has happened with N-Sorb!

11467# Cherry Parkerson – shares her amazing story on how she recovered from a long-term illness!

11468# Gaylon Livingston -diabetic, Gaylon shares his product review after taking Prodovite for a week!

11469# Todd Aston – severe black mold exposure, type 2 diabetic.

11470# Donna Hughes – Lyme’s disease, significant challenges for 13 years.

11471# Eddison Hamann – 13 year old daughter has Turners syndrome and he has lupus.

11472# Fred Essig – 93 years young with prostate issues, lack of sleep and eczema.

11473# Linda Fuess – Celiac’s and N-Sorb!

11474# Wayne Smith – Diverticulosis, Colitis, Diverticulitis for 5 years…. Prodovite and N-Sorb.

11475# Dorothy Miller – 6 year old son has behavioral disorder.

11476# Dr Jess Armine – Addressing MTHFR mutation and using Prodovite with his patients.

11477# Sue Drennon – Type 2 Diabetes, Brain Fog, Low Energy

11478# David Rowden – Extreme Athlete – bikes 15-20 miles a day and uses VNI products religiously!

11479# Sondra White – Fibromyalgia, pain issues, high blood pressure and blood sugar.

11480# Bonnie T. – experiences bloating and excess weight until she started on N-Sorb!

11481# Russ Martin – had experienced digestive issues for more than 40 years…until Prodovite!

11482# Dr Sally Schutz – shares product experiences of several patients and her husband Bayne

11483# Dr Richard Cooper – is an Internist and Radiologist  – experienced 3 traumatic brain injuries

11484# Sue Condon – is an accomplished business builder and she shares her journey to Director in 1 month!