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Change Up Your Workouts to Stay Fit and Healthy

fitness group working out to stay healthy and happy.

We’ve all been here before! On a whim to improve ourselves, we go out and join a fitness club. At first, we attend regularly and try various group fitness classes. We might even meet with a trainer to create a customized weight training plan. We make new friends. We feel good. We like the extra energy that we have. Somewhere along the way, our attendance pattern begins to decrease. We feel less motivated, sometimes leaving us in worse shape than when we were in when we started. If this is your current experience with your fitness routine, you aren’t alone. It’s common for people who join a gym, a yoga studio, or a cross-fit club to lack the dedication required to achieve long-term results. On some level, we know what’s best for our bodies, but we don’t always make time for this activity. We want to keep our health because it is a priceless form of wealth, but our motivation declines. In this piece, we explain 3 ways to change up how you feel about working out:

1. Join a fitness group on Instagram.
Recently, we read a story on how fitness brands were changing their industry by posting interesting motivational content on this popular social media network. You can also motivate yourself by using your Instagram account to document how you’re changing your eating and exercising habits and making progress. At the onset of a training program, you’re likely to drop water weight and to appear more toned. That’s because your increased activity level steps up your metabolism. Once you see the first round of results and get that feedback on Instagram, you might feel bold enough to start eating cheat foods more regularly, which can undo the results you’ve just achieved. Try to add variation to your workout routine, such as increasing the number of reps and adding new machines to your routine. You don’t want your body to stay at a level of equilibrium, also called a plateau, for any period of time. You don’t want to risk getting bored with your workouts.

2. Choose a workout partner with similar goals.
Make a schedule that you will both follow, including how many workouts you will do together and how many workouts you will do alone per week. This is an easy way to hold yourself accountable for completing routines without having to pay a trainer. A workout partner’s routine may differ from yours, but she will be there regularly to monitor your progress. Your partner can also provide a spot when you lift weights and encourage you to pick up the pace during group workouts.

3. Don’t focus on weight loss.
You might be a person who has to rest more often during group workouts, but you need to praise yourself for attending and challenging your body to become more fit. Focus on positive milestones such as increasing your heart rate and improving strength and flexibility. People who begin with regular weight training soon feel stronger and sleep better at night, and they see results in the mirror, mostly in terms of greater muscle tone. People who focus more on cardiovascular exercise will also feel fitter and relieve stress, but they may take longer to see results when looking in the mirror. If they want to lose weight, they must challenge their bodies to work to the point that they will burn excess calories. This process takes time, and it’s easy to give up on a workout before you reach that point.

If you focus on working out and keeping your body in shape, you will feel more energized. Staying fit also motivates you to eat better and to prevent diseases associated with aging. Your body is your most valuable asset, and you want to protect it by adhering to regular exercise routines.

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