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Hydration for Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Hydration for Physical and Mental Wellbeing

When was the last time today that you hydrated? Take a minute to think about it. Was it just a minute ago? Then pat yourself on the back. Was it half an hour ago? You’re still not doing too bad. Was it an hour ago? Well you could do better. Was it two hours ago? In that case, you need to step up to meet your body’s hydration needs.

Even if you’re busy working long hours everyday, it’s very important to make time to drink water. This is one of the simplest things you can do and the effects are pretty great. You have more energy throughout the day and you end up looking pretty great too.

Hydration as a Physical Imperative

You might think that hydration should not be a chore. Sure, it’s important but sometimes a person just forgets for a couple of hours and hydrates whenever they get the time.

Would you forget to breathe? Would you forget to sleep? Would your heart forget to beat? The answer to these questions is obviously “no.” So how can you forget to hydrate? Because it’s equally important to keep your body going.

Consuming Fluids vs. Solids

There are people who will remember to eat but they won’t remember to drink water or fluids. How does that make any sense?

We have fixed mealtimes set aside to remind ourselves to eat. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, a person automatically makes some arrangement to eat something, either by cooking it or ordering it or nuking it. So why don’t we have set times for drinking water and fluids as well?

Changing Your Habits for Wellbeing

Ideally, you need to be drinking a cup of water every hour. It doesn’t matter if this means making a trip to the bathroom every hour too. This is the only way your body will keep running like a well-oiled machine. Plus it can help you to avoid illnesses and stay healthy.

Just remember that it’s never too late to start drinking more water. You can always change your habits for the better. This will help you to function better physically and even feel better mentally.

Obsessing vs. Enjoying Yourself

As a business professional, you probably work pretty hard. And you need your body to cooperate, which can only be done if you take your physical wellbeing into consideration.

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time taking care of your health. There are people who get obsessed with what they’re eating, how much they’re eating and when they’re eating. The same goes for what, how much and when they’re drinking.

Obsessing about what you eat can suck all the fun right out of your life and even lead into a multitude of eating disorders. Instead, it’s better to make food and drink enjoyable as well as healthy.

Starting with What You Like

Most people have some veggies and fruits that they like and that they enjoy eating. The same goes for fruit juices, fluids etc. Let’s say you love pomegranate juice. Then why not stack up on it? (Or get pomegranates and eat their seeds, which will also give you some more fiber).

Often, people end up getting dehydrated because they haven’t stocked up on the juices, fruits and veggies that they like. If you always have a carton of juice that you like in the house, you’re not going to have any excuse to get dehydrated.

Exploring the Supermarket

Let’s say there just aren’t many fruits, fruit juices or flavored waters that you like. Have you ever thought of trying something new? If you look through the aisle of a big supermarket, there are literally hundreds of types of juices/flavored waters available.

Why not do some research and figure out which ones are good for your health? These might be the ones made with organic ingredients, less sugar etc. And then try out a few brands until you find something that you like.

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