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Runner’s Guide: How to Improve Your Stamina for Running

Improving your stamina is the ultimate key to becoming a better runner, whether your goal is to cover amazing distances, achieve the ultimate runner’s high, or just to get your cardiovascular health into tip-top shape. With a quick read of this nifty article and frequent future applications of your newfound knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to improving your stamina and endurance for running.


When seeking to amp up your stamina, look first at the source of your energy: food. Your dietary intake plays a huge role in how your body stores and uses the energy it gets from food, and changing some key elements in your diet could change the way your body responds to the “stress” of cardio exercises. Like most healthy diet models, a runner should aim for 6 smaller “meals” a day, rather than the standard 3 or (even worse) one large meal a day. In doing so, runners create a metabolic need in their body for nourishment, prompting muscle growth and fat burning to increase in rate. Those seeking a nutritional stamina booster for a runner’s diet should focus on lean protein, foods high in fiber, and plenty of iron-rich vegetables, all which aid in the body’s natural ability to store and release energy when needed. As an added bonus, runners who eat an appropriate diet will experience shorter recovery times after intense periods of exercise.


Though your water intake is regularly considered to be a portion of your diet control as an athlete, it falls into its own, significant category in reference to running and endurance. Consuming water before, during, and after a workout will not only result in better overall completion, but will detract from the overall exhaustion and stress in the body that slows you down after a lengthy session. Running while dehydrated can lead to cramps, muscle strain, or internal injury, which can result in serious health complications. Being sensitive to your fluid and electrolyte intake while engaged in strenuous cardiovascular activities is imperative when looking to seriously improve your long-term ability to perform, as both substances are vital to your overall health and well being. Additionally, receiving fluids from food sources is important, as it is rarely noted that every drop of hydration shed while exercising is then replaced by the athlete solely through liquid hydration, alone. Foods like watermelon and cucumbers are excellent natural “canteens” that can quench your thirst on a whole, new level.


Though breathing is quite literally a no-brainer, consider how mindful oxygen training can improve your performance. As your lungs expand and fill with oxygen, your muscles are “fed” and provided with the necessary fuel to keep you going. The more deeply you are breathing, the more oxygen is making its way into your system, and the longer it will be before your body beings to feel the effects of fatigue. Though there are several ways to improve your lung capacity, the easiest and most basic aide is yoga. As yoga is concentrated specifically on mindful breathing and achieving both more capacity and more stamina, it is the perfect sideline exercise to compliment a runner’s routine. If yoga is too much of a commitment, consider making breathing exercises a staple of your daily life, and take the time to breathe deeply whenever possible. When running, research suggests that simply “belly breathing” (or taking breaths without raising and lowering your shoulders and tensing up) can facilitate a better lung capacity in an instant, raising your endurance and allowing for training.

Although using just one of the above methods is generally effective enough to generate results, a balanced and regular combination of hydration, oxygenation, and nutrition will produce far better and longer-lasting results. Improving your stamina and endurance for running will make each session more effective than the last, creating a lifetime of healthy results that just won’t quit– just like you.

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