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Using Health and Fitness Apps Can Increase Your Motivation

Using Health and Fitness Apps Can Increase Your Motivation

Many of us have worked hard to get where we are in our careers and our personal lives. Sometimes, however, we reach the point of stagnation. A plateau of boredom or lack of purpose seems to stretch on forever, and we must drag ourselves across it while knowing that we’ve lost our mojo. We have many questions like these: 

1. Why is it hard to rise in the morning and go to work?

2. Why can’t I feel a zest for seeing people with whom I share close bonds?  

3. Why don’t my employees, students, clients, or the general public excite me as in the past?

4. Why do I dislike the aging body that I see in the mirror?  

5. How will I fill my spare time now that my kids don’t need me so much? 

If you’ve been feeling like this lately, please know that you aren’t alone. It’s quite normal to experience this feeling. What matters now is how you will handle the situation. Maybe your life needs a few changes. As a living being, you must respond to the signals from your body and from the external environment. Otherwise, you run the risk of attracting bigger problems (ie. turning to addictions, entering a state of depression, or manifesting an illness). Dealing with problems before they become too powerful helps you stay in control of your outlook on life.    

A Social Fitness Platform Can Change Your Life

We thought a lot about this, and what could be missing in your life is a source of inspiration. You might need a tool that tells you in real-time the amount of progress you’ve made towards achieving a personal fitness goal. For example, using a FitBit or an iPhone app like Health could help you track statistics about your body, such as the number of flights of stairs you climb or the number of steps you take. With an app, it’s easy to look for trends over days, weeks, months, and years. You can also incorporate other types of activities, including logging what you eat and how long you meditate. Focusing on how you are treating your body through good habits could motivate you. Why not give it a try?  

Where to Begin

Now that you have a new idea to motivate yourself each morning, you will need a fitness device, such as a MisFit, which gives you vital information about your body. Or, you should be willing to wear your cell phone around with you most of the day. The device will track your movement, cardiovascular activity, and sleep habits. If you’re wirelessly connected to a social fitness platform, your stats get recorded while you are on-the-go. The platform helps you view how your stats compare to other users in a group. Some users choose to share fitness data with their contacts on other social media networks. Some fitness apps make it simple to join using your Facebook credentials.

The Possibilities Are Endless

While tracking your body’s movements is just one way to use a mobile app for motivation, there are many other choices. You can download other personal apps to manage your lifestyle, including apps that read aloud books to you, apps that mix different genres of music into your personal channel, apps that remind you to breathe (with or without the meditation function), and apps that track where you walk, bike, or run so that you can follow the same route again. You can also get apps that remind you to take your medicine, to call a family member, to run an errand, or to do a nonpreferred chore. Mobile apps give a whole new meaning to time management and task prioritization. They help you organize your life and find more time for relaxation. 

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